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JDM Consulting, LLC was conceived around the idea of doing what you enjoy and do best while ensuring a quality finished product.  JDM Consulting, LLC specializes in fire hazard assessment and detailed deterministic fire modeling for forensic hypothesis testing, research studies, postulated hazard assessment, and accident reconstruction.

By accepting only limited cases, the focus on product integrity is assured.  The output is a realistic representation of the modeled scenario, based on factual, unbiased inputs.  See the services offerings below for detailed fire modeling solutions.


  • Detailed fire model construction using select tools to suit client needs and required level-of-detail
  • Postulated scenario executions of fire models and subsequent results reporting with full knowledge and digital records transfer to the client
  • Fire modeling training
  • Proprietary FDT-based fire scenario impact tools
  • Consultation for fire modeling recommendations
  • Peer review and peer review readiness checks


As a licensed engineer with over 15 years of nuclear utility probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) experience including 10 years of fire hazard assessment and detailed fire modeling experience, I have the background, education, training, and experience required for this extremely detail-oriented field.

During the course of my career, I have worked extensively with fire hazard modeling tools such as The Consolidated Model of Fire and Smoke Transport (CFAST), Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS), and the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (U.S. NRC) developed Fire Dynamics Tools (FDTs) worksheets.  In addition, my work has been successfully peer reviewed and I have participated in peer review of both fire hazard assessments as well as nuclear utility PRA studies.  I have authored and presented training courses on fire hazard analysis and authored or co-authored technical reports and papers on various topics that have been formally published and presented at industry topical conferences.

Please contact me for any additional details and feel free to connect via LinkedIn.

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